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How to restore a previous transaction

We understand that you may not be in a position to download our e-books immediately after you purchase them.
This is why we allow you to restore a previous transaction, so you can download the epub files when you're ready and in a position to do so.
All we ask is that you keep hold of the invoice you receive from us when you purchase the e-book from our website.
Steps to perform:
When you're ready to download the epub you've purchased, make a note of the invoice reference number you received in your email, below is an example and we have circled the area where you will find your reference number:
How to restore a previous transaction
Then go to the 'buy books' page and select the book you have previously purchased. You will see the option to enter your reference number here:
How to restore a previous transaction
Once you've entered your reference number, click the 'load' button. If the correct reference number was entered, you will see the option to download the epub file.
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