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Forthcoming Events

Twenty-five years of not (yet) having a House of Languages
@ 09:45
In the Mary Glasgow Plenary Lecture, David Crystal reviews proposals to create a 'museum' of languages since the 1990s, and speculates about the future

A talk for Association of Language Learning
Language World 2019
Imago, Loughborough
The Reeth Lecture: Sounds Appealing
@ 11:00
David Crystal talks about English accents

A talk for Swaledale Festival
Reeth Congregational Church, DL11 6TE
The Future of Englishes
What are the consequences of the global status of English for the future development of the language? The talk reviews the relevant statistics, the historical reasons for the language's present position, and the trends which are affecting English world-wide, especially in relation to cultural diversity.

A talk for Better Learning Conference, Cambridge University Press
Robinson College, Grange Road, Cambridge, CB3 9AN, UK