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A life made of words: the poetry and thought of John Bradburne
(Holyhead: Crystal Books, July 2017). 9781909459250
Paper to 'The Lewis Carroll Phenomenon' conference, University of Cardiff, April 1998
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Computing St Paul
2 talks, BBC Third Programme, March 1965.
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First recorded lexical usage in English, with particular reference to Charles Dickens
Studies in Modern English 35, 1-33
Going especially careful in The Third Man: a linguistic exploration
In Dermot Gilvary & Darren J. N. Middleton (eds), Dangerous edges of Graham Greene (New York & London: Continuum, 2011), 128-48, 290-3
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Hopkins and Bradburne
paper given to the Hopkins Literary Festival, Newbridge, Ireland, 27 July 2011
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Intonation and metrical theory
Transactions of the Philological Society, 1973, 1-33. Reprinted in The English Tone of Voice
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Investigating English style (with D. Davy)
(London: Longman, 1969), xiv+260 pp. 0 253 33165 X
Language BLANK literature: from conjunction to preposition
In Andrew Foley (ed.), English at the turn of the millennium (Proceedings of the 1998 conference of the English Academy of Southern Africa), 9-20; reprinted in English Today, 15, 13-21
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Linguistic strangeness
In Margaret Bridges (ed.), On strangeness (Tübingen: Narr), Swiss Papers in English Language and Literature 5, 1990, 109-20
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Literature of the future: language of the past (and present)
In I. Lindblad & M. Ljung (eds), Proceedings from the 3rd Nordic Conference for English Studies (Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell, 1987), 41-52 [another version of 'The language of the age', 1985]
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New perspectives for language study: I Stylistics
, English Language Teaching 24, 1970, 99-106
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Objective and subjective in stylistic analysis
In B.B. Kachru & H. Stahlke (eds),Current trends in stylistics (Edmonton: Linguistic Research Inc, 1972). 103-14. Reprinted in Directions in applied linguistics
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Orwell as linguist
'The Orwell lecture', Emirates Festival of Literature, Dubai, 12 March 2016
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Refining stylistic discourse categories
In G. Melchers & B. Warren (eds), English linguistics in honour of Magnus Ljung (Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell, 1994), 35-46
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Review of A.Q. Morton & J. McLeman, Christianity and the computer
New Blackfriars, 1965, 251-2
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Review of F W Hilles and H Bloom, From sensibility to romanticism: essays presented to Frederick A Pottle
The Tablet, 14 August 1965, 906-7
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Review of G. Steiner, Extraterritorial
The Tablet, May 1972
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Review of G. Steiner, Language and silence
The Tablet, 1967
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Review of N. Enkvist, et al., Linguistics and style
Journal of Linguistics 1, 1965, 173-9
Speaking of writing and writing of speaking
Longman Language Review 1, 1995, 5-8
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Style: the varieties of English
In W.F. Bolton (ed.), A history of literature in the English language, 10 (London: Sphere, 1975), 241-63. 2nd edition, 1987
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Stylistics, fluency, and language teaching
In Interdisciplinary approaches to language (London: CILT), Occasional Paper 6, 1971, 34-53. Part reprinted in Kachru & Stahlke.
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The diagnosis of sociolinguistic problems in doctor-patient interaction
In B. Tanner (ed., Language and communication in general practice (London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1976), 40-51
The Gift of the Gab
An exploration of what is involved in the notion of eloquence, as encountered in the best public speakers and in everyday speech situations. It makes the case that eloquence is for everyone.
An exploration of what is involved in the notion of eloquence, as encountered in the best public speakers and in everyday speech situations. It makes the case that eloquence is for everyone.
The language of the age
In K. Jankowsky (ed), Scientific and humanistic dimensions of language, Festschrift for Robert Lado (Amsterdam: Benjamins, 1985), 399-408
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The Shakespearean status of the Danielle poems: some lexical notes
Unpublished paper
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Too few words for the future
The Age, Extra (Melbourne), 14 August 1999, 8. [Original title: Writing about writing about language]
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