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A public count
Around the Globe 24, 2003, 18-19
Download: Shakespeare23
A third book?
Cuesheet (Shakespeare's Globe Newsletter, 2003). [See further, the Sam Wanamaker lecture]
Download: Shakespeare21
Bad bodements
Around the Globe 44, 2010, 22-3
Download: Shakespeare66
Being bethumped
Around the Globe 26, 2004, 14-15
Download: Shakespeare12
Being boysterous
Around the Globe 37, 2007, 28-9
Download: Shakespeare59
But one word more
Around the Globe 12, 1999, 18-19
Download: Shakespeare39
Catch this
Around the Globe 22, 2002, 14-15
Download: Shakespeare28
Citing Scripture for my purpose
Around the Globe 48, 2011, 20-21
Download: Shakespeare70
Collocating auspiciously
Around the Globe 10, 1999, 34-5; reprinted in e magazine 5 (Sep 1999), 20-21
Download: Shakespeare41
David Crystal: Neologismy zboznuji. Interview
Filmove Listy, 25 July 2007, 2-3
Download: Shakespeare88
Dialecte coach wanted: applye within
Around the Globe 39, 2008, 32-3
Download: Shakespeare61
Early interest in Shakespearean Original Pronunciation
Language & History 56 (1), 2013, 5-17
Download: Shakespeare82
F for frustrating, E for ennui
(review of J. Hope, Shakespeare's Grammar). Around the Globe 25, 2003, 38-9
Download: Shakespeare22
For the third time: how much, did you say?
Around the Globe 53, 2013, 42-4 [part 3 of a 3-part series]
Download: Shakespeare79
Friends, Romans and Westcountrymen
Times Higher Education Supplement, 6 May 2005, 16-17
Download: Shakespeare5
German hunting
Around the Globe 46, 2010, 24-5
Download: Shakespeare68
Glossary entries adapted from Shakespeare's Words for Twelfth Night programme
Shakespeare's Globe, 2003, 32-3
Download: Shakespeare52
Hark, hark, what shout is that?
Around the Globe 31. [based on article written for theTroilus programme, Shakespeare's Globe, August 2005: 'Saying it like it was']
Download: Shakespeare1
Have I twice said well?
Around the Globe 23, 2003, 10-11
Download: Shakespeare25
How did it sound to you?
[with Ben Crystal] Around the Globe 58 (2014), 24-5 [discussion of the Macbeth OP production, July 2014]
Download: Shakespeare83
How much, did you say?
Around the Globe 51 (2012), 34-6 [part 1 of a 3-part series]
Download: Shakespeare77
How much, did you say again?
Around the Globe 52 (2012), 48-9 [part 2 of a 3-part series]
Download: Shakespeare78
Imagination bodies forth
Around the Globe 18, 2001, 28-9
Download: Shakespeare33
In every sense
Around the Globe 49, 2011, 40
Download: Shakespeare71
Interview with Paul Meier: A Midsummer Night's Dream: an original pronunciation production
In Dudley Knight (ed.), A world of voice; voice and speech across culture, Voice and Speech Trainers Association, 2011, 209-23
Download: Shakespeare75
I saw eight -ships...
Around the Globe 30, 2005, 20-21
Download: Shakespeare2
It must have been like this
Around the Globe 61, 2015, 42-43
Download: Shakespeare86
Language [of Shakespeare]
In B. Smith (ed.), The Cambridge Guide to the Worlds of Shakespeare, Volume 1 (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2016), 161-72 [submitted in 2009!]
Download: Shakespeare89
Lexical explosions
Around the Globe 45, 2010, 20-21
Download: Shakespeare67
Linguistic feasting
Around the Globe 41, 2009, 28-9
Download: Shakespeare63
Listening most precisely on the event
Around the Globe 28, 2004, 25-7. Reprinted in Speaking English 38 (Spring 2005), 7-10
Download: Shakespeare10
Little doing in Much Ado, but endings are well in All's Well
Around the Globe 47, 2011, 26-7
Download: Shakespeare69
Master Henslowe's diary
Names, names, names
Around the Globe 6 (Winter 1997), 12-13
Download: Shakespeare45
New words? It all-depends
Around the Globe 5 (Autumn 1997), 32; ; reprinted in Modern English Teacher (8:4, 1999), 20-21
Download: Shakespeare46
Nick without froth
Around the Globe 23½, 2003, 14
Download: Shakespeare24
Nothing for ages then two at once
Around the Globe 14, 2000, 20-21; reprinted in e magazine 10 (2000), 52-3
Download: Shakespeare37
O, but one word
Around the Globe 11, 1999, 34-5
Download: Shakespeare40
Of infinite tongue
Sam Wanamaker lecture (with Ben Crystal), Shakespeare's Globe, 19 March 2003
Download: Shakespeare20
Once more unto the OP, once more...
Around the Globe, 60 (2015), 49
Download: Shakespeare85
One meaning well suited
Around the Globe 35, 2007, 16-17
Download: Shakespeare55
'OP' moving on
Around the Globe 63 (2016), 26
Download: Shakespeare87
OP Sonnets notes
Notes to acocmpany the transcription of the Sonnets made in 2007: see 'OP transcriptions Sonnets' on this website
Download: Sonnet notes
OP transcriptions Sonnets
Transcription made in 2007 to accompany the audio file available at Illustrations
OP Troilus Act 1 transcription
Transcription made in 2006 to accompany the audio file available at Illustrations
Download: TC Act 1 trs
OP Troilus notes
Notes to accompany the transcription of Troilus Act 1 made in 2006: see 'OP Troilus Act 1 transcription' on this website
Our English dead
Around the Globe 9, 1999, 28-9
Download: Shakespeare42
Over-read it at your pleasure
Around the Globe 36, 2007, 34-5
Download: Shakespeare56
Oxford Illustrated Shakespeare Dictionary
[with Ben Crystal, illustrations by Kate Bellamy] (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015), 352 pp; 9780192737502
Performing the tongue that Shakespeare spoke
Talk for Lingua Franca (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), 12 July 2005
Download: Shakespeare4
Pick a word, any word...
Around the Globe 15, 2000, 22-23
Download: Shakespeare36
Playing with Latin
Around the Globe 33, 2006, 20-21
Download: Shakespeare49
Pronouncing Shakespeare
Cambridge: CUP, 2005, xviii+188 pp. 0 521 85213 7
Remember thy friends
Around the Globe 20, 2002, 12-13
Download: Shakespeare30
Review of Frank Kermode, The age of Shakespeare
New Statesman, 5 July 2004, 53
Download: Shakespeare9
Review of Stanley Wells. Is it true what they say about Shakespeare?
Shakespeare at the Centre (Shakespeare Birthplace Trust), 7(2), 2007, 15
Download: Shakespeare60
Saying it as it was
Around the Globe 27, 2004, 14-15. Reprinted in Speaking English 38 (Spring 2005), 4-6
Download: Shakespeare11
Saying what can't be said
Around the Globe 16, 2001, 20-21
Download: Shakespeare35
Search, seek, and know
Around the Globe 40, 2008, 40-41
Download: Shakespeare62
Shakespeare and ELT
In Alan Pulverness (ed), IATEFL 2003 (Canterbury: IATEFL, 2004), 146-60; reprinted in Anglo Files (The Danish Association of Teachers of English), 159, February 2011, 77-90
Download: Shakespeare80
Shakespeare and lawyers
Glossary. Programme notes for Twelfth Night (Globe Theatre Company, February 2002)
Download: Shakespeare31
Shakespeare on love
Around the Globe 42, 2009, 20-21
Download: Shakespeare64
Shakespeare's false friends
Around the Globe 19, 2001, 28-9
Download: Shakespeare32
Shakespeare's false friends: distracted
Download: Shakespeare50
Shakespeare's false friends: ecstasy
e magazine 20, April 2003, 54-5
Download: Shakespeare17
Shakespeare's false friends: lover
e magazine 21, September 2003, 45-6
Download: Shakespeare16
Shakespeare's false friends: naughty
e magazine 18, December 2002, 64-5
Download: Shakespeare26
Shakespeare's false friends: rude
e magazine 22, December 2003, 54-5
Download: Shakespeare15
Shakespeare's false friends: silly
e magazine 23, February 2004, 50-51
Download: Shakespeare15
Shakespeare's words
24 Hours (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), February 2003, 32-4
Download: Shakespeare18
Shakespeare’s Words (with Ben Crystal)
(London: Penguin, 2002), xxviii+650 pp. 0 14 100737 0; US edition by Penguin Putnam, 2002; paperback edition with corrections and additions, 2004, xxviii+650 pp. 0 14 029117 2
Shakespeare the metalinguist
In Anthony R Guneratne (ed.), Shakespeare and genre (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011), 19-37
Download: Shakespeare76
Sounding out Shakespeare: sonnet rhymes in original pronunciation
In Vera Vasic (ed.), Jezik u upotrebi: primenjena lingvistikja u cast Ranku Bugarskom [Language in use: applied linguistics in honour of Ranko Bugarski] (Novi Sad and Belgrade: Philosophy Faculties, 2011), 295-306
Download: Shakespeare72
Sounding the sonnets
Around the Globe 43, 2009, 26-7
Download: Shakespeare65
Speak, in the name of the law
Entertainment Law 1(2), 2002, 103-17. Lecture given to the Shakespeare's Globe Education series, 'Shakespeare and the Lawyers', March 2002
Download: Shakespeare27
Speaking in deeds
English Drama Media, 4, 2005, 26-9
Download: Shakespeare7
Supplementary material to Think on my Words
Items not included in the book, pp. 124
Download: Think Extras
Teaching original pronunciation
Im Mary Hayes & Allison Burkette (eds), Approaches to Teaching the History of the English Language: Pedagogy in Practice (New York, Oxford University Press, 2017), 335-44
Download: Shakespeare90
Tempestuous Words
Around the Globe 54 (2013), 37
Download: Shakespeare81
The accents of the valiant
Around the Globe 50, 2012, 36-7
Download: Shakespeare73
The language of Shakespeare
Introductory essay to Stanley Wells and Gary Taylor, The Complete Works (Oxford: OUP, 2005), xlv-lxiv
Download: Shakespeare8
The language of Shakespeare
In S. Wells & L. Orlin (eds), Shakespeare: an Oxford guide (Oxford: OUP, 2003), 67-78
Download: Shakespeare19
The Oxford dictionary of original Shakespearean pronunciation
(Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016), li + 648 pp. 9780199668427
The Oxford Dictionary of Original Shakespearean Pronunciation
A dictionary of Shakespearean vocabulary, including all the words in the First Folio, with Early Modern English pronunciation shown in IPA. Entries contain all rhymes and spelling variants. There is an associated audio website.
A dictionary of Shakespearean vocabulary, including all the words in the First Folio, with Early Modern English pronunciation shown in IPA. Entries contain all rhymes and spelling variants. An introduction discusses the nature of the evidence in phonological reconstruction and explains the history of the modern OP movement. There is an associated audio website.
The Oxford Illustrated Shakespeare Dictionary
A collaboration between David and Ben Crystal, with full-colour illustrations by Kate Bellamy. A combination of dictionary and encyclopedia providing clear explanations of the less familiar vocabulary of Shakespeare's most popular plays.
A collaboration between David and Ben Crystal, with full-colour illustrations by Kate Bellamy. A combination of dictionary and encyclopedia providing clear explanations of the less familiar vocabulary of Shakespeare's most popular plays.
The Shakespearean status of the Danielle poems: some lexical notes
Unpublished paper
Download: Shakespeare57
The Shakespeare Miscellany (with Ben Crystal)
(London: Penguin, 2005), x+214 pp. 0 140 51555 0
The tongue that Shakespeare really spoke
Babel 7 (May 2014), 14-18
Download: Shakespeare84
The unbelievable Hamlet discovery
(Holyhead: Crystal Books, 2016), 72 pp. 9781909459199
Think on my words: exploring Shakespeare's language
Cambridge: CUP, 2008, xii+254 pp. 978 0 521 87694 0; Canto Classics edn 2012, 978 1 107 61180 1
Those tricksy words.
Around the Globe 8 (Winter 1998), 34-5
Download: Shakespeare43
To be Englished rightly
 Around the Globe 34, 2006, 26-27
Download: Shakespeare53
To modernize or not to modernize: there is no question
Around the Globe 21, 2002, 15-17; adapted as talk for Lingua Franca, 'Does Shakespeare's English need translating?' (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2003)
Download: Shakespeare29
Translating Shakespeare into English: a debate, with John McWhorter and Ben Crystal
In Dudley Knight (ed.), A world of voice: voice and speech across culture, Voice and Speech Trainers Association, 2011, 38-51
Download: Shakespeare74
Around the Globe 17, 2001, 22-3
Download: Shakespeare34
Around the Globe 7 (1998), 20-21; reprinted in Modern English Teacher 9 (1), 2000, 18-19
Download: Shakespeare44
Weighing up Williamisms
Around the Globe 3 (1997), 9; reprinted in Modern English Teacher (8:2, 1999), 20-21
Download: Shakespeare48
Well, well, well
Around the Globe 29, 2005, 16-17
Download: Shakespeare6
Were you on your auditory mettle?
Around the Globe 32, 2006, 32-4
Download: Shakespeare3
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