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A life made of words: the poetry and thought of John Bradburne
(Holyhead: Crystal Books, July 2017). 9781909459250
A liturgical language in a linguistic perspective
New Blackfriars, 1964, 148-56
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A liturgical language in a sociolinguistic perspective
In D. & R.C.D. Jasper (eds), Language and the worship of the church (Basingstoke: Macmillan, 1990), 120-46
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Begat - The King James Bible
Published in 2010 to mark the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible, this book answers the question ‘How much impact has this translation had on the present-day character of the English language?’
Published in 2010 to mark the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible, this book answers the question ‘How much impact has this translation had on the present-day character of the English language?’
Begat: the King James Bible and the English language
(Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010) 327 pp. 9780199585854, (p/b) 2011, 9780199695188
CD The St John Gospel
A recording, made in 2000, of the St John Gospel, abridged from the Jerusalem Bible, with musical illustration. Copies of the double-CD (TRF CD407) from The Ucheldre Centre, Millbank, Holyhead, UK, LL65 1TE, price £18.00 plus postage and packing.
Computing St Paul
2 talks, BBC Third Programme, March 1965.
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Generating theological language
In J.P. van Noppen (ed.), Theolingustics (Free University, Brussels, 1981), Studiereeks Tijdschrift VUB, Niuwe Serie 8, 265-81
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How are the mighty fallen?
History Today, January 2011, 42-3
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John Bradburne: songs of the vagabond (ed.)
(Holy Island Press / John Bradburne Memorial Society, 1996), xi+84 pp. 0 9513063 4 0
John Bradburne on love
(Holyhead: Holy Island Press, 2009). 978095619730 6
King James still reigns at 400
The Free-Lance Star, Fredericksburg, VA, 24 April 2011, D1, D3
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Language and religion
In L. Sheppard (ed.), Twentieth century Catholicism (New York: Hawthorn Books, 1966), 11-28
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Language in church
The Tablet, 16 June 1984, 570-2. Reprinted in Intercom, Feb 1985, 24-5
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Le statut méthodologique de l'analyse linguistique: un problème posé par le langage théologique
Cahiers internationaux de symbolisme 26, 1974, 15-24. (Trans. by E. André). Revised for Vesey, 1978
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Linguistics, language and religion
London: Burns Oates / New York: Hawthorn Books, 1965, 191 pp. No ISBN
Linguistics and liturgy
The Church Quarterly 2, 1969, 23-30
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Loud sing Westminster! The Cathedral's saintly poet
Oremus (Westminster Cathedral Magazine), 188, January 2014, 6-7
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Non-segmental phonology in religious modalities
In W.J. Samarin (ed), Language in religious practice (Rowley: Newbury House, 1976), 17-25. Reprinted (sic) in English Tone of Voice, 1975.
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Review of A.C. Partridge, English biblical translation
The Tablet, 7 April 1973, 329-31
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Review of A.Q. Morton & J. McLeman, Christianity and the computer
New Blackfriars, 1965, 251-2
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Review of B. Wren, What language shall I borrow?
The Tablet, 1990
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Review of G.B. Caird, The language and imagery of the Bible
Times Literary Supplement, 8 August 1980, 902.
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Review of John F.A. Sawyer and J.M.Y. Simpson (eds), Concise encyclopedia of language and religion
(Elsevier, 2001), Journal of Sociolinguistics 6(3), 2002, 449-53
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Review of P. Levi, The English Bible: from Wycliffe to William Barnes
The Tablet, 1975
Review of P. Van Buren, The edges of language; G. Ebeling, Introduction to a Theological Theory of Language; P. Helm, The varieties of belief; A. Jeffner,The study of religious language; J. Ladrière
Speaking of mystery, Times Literary Supplement, August 1973, 10. Revised and expanded for ‘Le statut ...’ (1974)
Review of W.J. Samarin, Tongues of men and angels
Language in Society 3, 1974, 126-31
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Some current trends in translation theory
The Bible Translator 27, 1976, 322-9. Reprinted in Directions in Applied Linguistics
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The influence of the Bible on the English language
The Newman 83, May 2012, 7-12
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The problem of language variety: an example from religious language
In G. Vesey (ed), Communication and understanding, 1975-6 Royal Institute of Philosophy Lectures (Hassocks: Harvester Press, 1978), 195-207. Revision of 'Le statut ...'
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Whatever happened to theolinguistics?
In Paul Chilton & Monika Kopytowska (eds), Religion, language, and the human mind (Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2018), 3-18
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Why did the crowd think St Peter was drunk? An exercise in applied sociolinguistics
New Blackfriars 79 (No. 924), February 1998, 72-76
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