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Action, reaction and inaction in applied linguistics
BAAL Newsletter 17, 1983, 22-9
Download: Linguistics33
A dictionary of linguistics and phonetics
Oxford: Blackwell, 2nd edn, 1985, 340 pp. 0 631 14079 4; 0 631 14081 6; Serbo-Croatian translation, 1987,Enciklopedijski recnik moderne lingvistike (Belgrade: Nolit), 293 pp. [Dejvid Kristal] 86 19 01579 6; Portuguese translation, 1988, Dicionário de lingüística e fonética (Rio de Janeiro: Jorge Zahar), 275 pp. 85 7110 025 X
A dictionary of linguistics and phonetics
Oxford: Blackwell, 1991, 3rd edn 389 pp. 0 631 17869 4; 0 631 17871 6
A dictionary of linguistics and phonetics
Oxford: Blackwell, 1996, 4th edn, xvii+426 pp. 0 631 20096 7; 0 631 20097 5; Greek translation, 2000 (Athens: Ekdoseis Pataki), 960 16 0859 1
A dictionary of linguistics and phonetics
Oxford: Blackwell, 2003, 5th edn, xx+448 pp. 0 631 22664 8
A dictionary of linguistics and phonetics
Oxford: Blackwell, 6th edn, 2008, xxv + 529 pp. (h/b) 978 1 4051 5296 9; (p/b) 978 1 4051 5297 6
A dictionary of linguistics and phonetics
(Oxford: Blackwell, 2008), 6th edn, xxv + 529 pp. (h/b) 9781405152969; (p/b) 9781405152976
A first dictionary of linguistics and phonetics
London: Deutsch, 1980, 390 pp. 0 233 97087 8; 0 233 97326 5
A forgotten English tone - an alternative analysis
Le Maître Phonétique 132, 1969, 34-7
Download: Linguistics49
A language revolution: from reluctance to renaissance
Conflation of papers given to British Council conference in Cardiff, 30 September 2001 (on its Web site), and EYL World Language Day in Strasbourg, 26 September 2001 [part rewritten for Chapter 4 of The Language Revolution, 2004]
Download: Langdeath8
A linguistic revolution
Newsletter, Scottish TESOL 21 (2), 2002, 5-8. (Adaptation of ABC radio talk, 2001). Another version: 'A linguistic revolution?' in Education, Communication and Information 1(2), 2001, 93-7
A linguistic revolution?
Concorde 9, 2003, 6-7. [updating of TESOL paper]
Download: Linguistics1
A little book of language
(London: Yale, 2010) 272 pp. 9780300155334; Greek translation (Athens: Patakis, 2011). 9789601640334; Portuguese translation, Pequeno tratado sobre a linguagem humana (Sao Paulo: Editora Saraiva 2012), 268 pp. 9788502146129; German translation, Das kleine Buch der Sprache (Hamburg: Atlantik 2015), 304 pp. 9783455700114; Chinese translation (Taiwan: Rye Field Productions 2016), 318 pp. 9789863444787; 12 chapters selected in N. Okada (ed.), The wonderful world of language (Tokyo: Seibido, 2012), with Japanese notes, 102 pp. 9784791930968; Turkish translation (Istanbul: Alfa, 2018), 351 pp. 9786051717173
An approach to a reply.
Le Maître Phonétique 122, 1964, 23-4
Download: Linguistics44
An encyclopedic dictionary of language and languages
Oxford: Blackwell, 1992, 428 pp. 0 631 17652 7; paperback edition, 1994 (Harmondsworth: Penguin), 428 pp. 0 14 051234 9
A perspective for paralanguage
Le Maître Phonétique 120, 1963, 25-9
Download: Linguistics42
Applied Language Studies (co-editor, 1986-95)
Applied Language Studies (series editor, 1980-84)
(Academic Press)
Authentic what, who(m) and when
In J.A. Fishman, et al. (eds), The Fergusonian impact, Vol. I: From phonology to society (Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 1986), 411-18
Download: Linguistics32
Paper to 'The Lewis Carroll Phenomenon' conference, University of Cardiff, April 1998
Download: Linguistics11
Coping with change in applied linguistics (in conversation with Christopher Brumfit)
Journal of Applied Linguistics 1.3, 2004, 383-98 [appeared in 2006]
Download: Linguistics29
Degree courses in linguistics
Revue de Phonétique Appliquée, 1968
Directions in applied linguistics
London: Academic Press, 1981, vii+179 pp. 0 12 198420 6
In Word classes (special volume of Lingua) 17, 1966, 24-56
Download: English112
Facts on language and communication
In Readers Digest Book of Facts, 1985
Download: Linguistics80
Final frontiers in applied linguistics?
2002 BAAL Pit Corder Lecture. In S. Sarangi & T. van Leeuwen (eds), Applied linguistics and communities of practice (London: Continuum, 2003), 9-24
Download: Linguistics2
Forked tongues. Review article on Umberto Eco, Serendipities: Language and Lunacy and Alberto Manguel, Into the Looking-Glass Wood
The Australian's Review of Books, 11 August 1999
Download: Linguistics9
From Scrabble to Babble: reflections on language attitudes and language play
In W. Kühlwein (ed.), Language as structure and language as process: in honour of Gerhard Nickel (Trier: Wissenschaftlicher Verlag, 1998), 33-45
Download: Linguistics13
From Scrabble to Drabble via Babble
The Independent (Review), 13 August 1998, 7
Download: Linguistics14
Glossary entries
In W. Bright (ed.), International Encyclopedia of Linguistics 4 (New York: OUP, 1992), 273-348
How language works
(London: Penguin, 2006), xii+500 pp. 0 140 51538 0; US edition (Penguin: Avery, 2005), 978 1 58333 291 7
Interview (in Dutch) with Marc van Oostendorp on popularising linguistics
OnzeTaal 12, December 2008, 344-6
Download: Linguistics78
Intonation and linguistic theory
In K.H. Dahlstedt (ed.), The Nordic languages and modern linguistics 2 (Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell, 1975), 267-303
Download: Linguistics40
Intonation and metrical theory
Transactions of the Philological Society, 1973, 1-33. Reprinted in The English Tone of Voice
Download: Linguistics63
Intonation and semantic structure
In Actes du Xe Congrès International des Linguistes (Bucharest), 1970, 415-22
Download: Linguistics53
Introducing linguistics
Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1992, 77 pp. 0 14 081017 X
Isaac Pitman: the linguistic legacy
English Today 55, 12-19. (Paper given to the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, Bath, June 1997)
Download: Linguistics16
Journal of Linguistics (associate editor)
(Cambridge University Press, 1970-3)
Language: medium, barrier, or Trojan horse?
Conference on 'Cultural diplomacy at the crossroads: cultural relations in Europe and the wider world' Wilton House, 26 November 1997
Download: Linguistics27
Language and communication
In Library of Modern Knowledge (London: Readers Digest Association, 1978), 870-99
Download: Linguistics37
Language and questions of culture: an interview by Xiaoping Jiang
Cultus: the Journal of Intercultural Mediation and Communication 6, 2013, 21-46
Download: Linguistics75
Language play
Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1998, x+249. 0 14 027385 9; updated e-book edition, 2013 (Crystal Books Project)
Language Play - e-book
- £6 (excl VAT)
Language Play
This lively introduction to the playful use of language, first published in 1998, is made available again through the Crystal Books Project.
‘a stimulating treat for everyone interested in language’ (Steven Pinker)

‘illuminating and extremely entertaining’ (Philip Hensher in The Mail on Sunday)

This updated edition of Language Play makes available online a book that was acclaimed for its innovative account of the neglected topic of language play or ‘ludic linguistics’, as it is sometimes called.

It explores a wide range of effects in both spoken and written language, such as puns, dialect humour, funny voices, in-jokes, invented words, crosswords, and the many language games that people like to play. It discusses why people devote so much time and energy to ludic language, and describes how many professionals - from comedians and copy-writers to poets and theologians make a career through their use of it.

The book has also been widely used by teachers, as its later chapters explore the way children learn to play with language and how reading materials can be enhanced, and children motivated, by introducing the dimension of language play.

NOTE: The e-book you purchase can be read on most eReaders. If you have a Kindle device you will need to select the Mobi file to download after you have paid for your e-book, but for any other device please download the normal ePub file.

For all US and Canada sales, see the University of Chicago Press edition:
Language Research in Progress
(Linguistics Association of Great Britain, 1966-70)
Language Research in Progress, Vol. 1 (ed.)
(Linguistics Association of Great Britain, 1966), 38 pp [now in LAGB archive]
Language Research in Progress, Vol. 2 (ed.)
(Linguistics Association of Great Britain, 1967), 40 pp [now in LAGB archive]
Language Research in Progress, Vol. 3 (ed.)
(Linguistics Association of Great Britain, 1969), 43 pp [now in LAGB archive]
Language Research in Progress, Vol. 4 (ed.)
(Linguistics Association of Great Britain, 1970), 37 pp [now in LAGB archive]
Learning to be a linguist: the growth of linguistics in Britain in the 20th century
In Alistair G H Walker (ed), Classics revisited: Wegbereiter der Linguistik neu gelesen (Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 1016), 195-212
Download: Linguistics76
Linguistic controversies (ed.)
London: Edward Arnold, 1982, xiv+257 pp. 0 7131 6349 6
(Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1971), 250 pp. (Revised edition, 1981) 0 14 021332 5; Portuguese translation 1973, A linguística (Lisbon: Dom Quixote), 322 pp. No ISBN; German translation 1975, Einführung in die Linguistik (Stuttgart: Kohlhammer), 232 pp. 3 17 001368 8
(Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1985), 2nd edn 276 pp. 0 14 022640 0 Japanese translation, 1988, 4 523 30052 6
Linguistics: overview
In N.J. Smelser and P.B. Bates (eds), International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences (Pergamon, 2001), 8948-54
Download: Linguistics7
Linguistics Abstracts (editor)
(Blackwells, 1985-96)
Linguistics and English language
Which Course? 28 (4), 1999, 16-17, 21 (Dominion Press)
Download: Linguistics8
Linguistics and the social sciences
SSRC Report, reprinted in Sociolinguistics Newsletter (October 1973), 1-22
Download: Linguistics64
Linguistics entries
In A. Bullock & O. Stalleybrass (eds), A dictionary of modern thought (London: Fontana, 1978). 2nd edn, 1988
Loving linguistic ludicity
University of Berne centenary publication, 1999. (based on Language Play)
Download: Linguistics10
Making sense of sense
Paper given to Zürich University Englisches Seminar series 'Sprache verstehen', 20 September 2012, published in E. Glaser, A. Kolmer, M. Meyer & E. Stark (eds), Sprache(n) verstehen (Zürich: vdf Hochschulverlag AG), 21-32
Download: English141
New perspectives for language study: II Semiotics
English Language Teaching 24, 1970, 209-15
Download: Linguistics56
On scales of contrast in English connected speech (with Randolph Quirk)
In C.E. Bazell, et al. (eds), In memory of J.R. Firth (London: Longman, 1966), 359-69
Download: Linguistics46
Paralinguistic behaviour as continuity between animal and human communication
In W.C. McCormack & S.A. Wurm (eds), Language and man: anthropological issues (The Hague: Mouton, 1976), 13-27. Reprinted (sic) in The English Tone of Voice, 1975
Download: Linguistics38
In J. Benthall & T. Polhemus (eds), The body as a medium of expression (London: Institute of Contemporary Arts, 1975), 162-74
Download: Linguistics39
In T.A. Sebeok (ed.), Current trends in linguistics 12 (The Hague: Mouton, 1974), 265-95
Download: Linguistics66
Penguin Linguistics (editor)
(Penguin Books, 1968-75)
Playing with linguistic problems: from Orwell to Plato and back again
In J.E. Alatis, et al., Proceedings of the Georgetown Round Table in Language and Linguistics 1996, 1-25
Download: Linguistics20
Prosodic and paralinguistic correlates of social categories
In E. Ardener (ed.), Social anthropology (London: Tavistock, 1971), ASA Monographs 10, 185-206
Download: Linguistics60
Prosodic systems and intonation in English
(Cambridge: CUP, 1969), viii+381 pp. 0521073871
Pseudo-controversy in linguistic theory
In D. Crystal (ed.), Linguistic controversies (London: Edward Arnold, 1982), 16-24
Download: Linguistics34
Quote - unquote
e magazine 2, March 1999, 46-7
Download: English71
Recent developments in linguistics
BBC Foreign Service; reprinted in English by Radio, May, 1966
Relative and absolute in intonation analysis
Journal of the International Phonetics Association 1, 1971, 17-28. Reprinted in The English tone of voice
Download: Linguistics59
Review of A. Sealey, Learning about language
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 12 (3), 1996, 374
Download: Education11
Review of Blackwell Handbooks in Linguistics (3 books)
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 12 (3), 1996, 370
Review of D. Abercrombie, et al. (eds), In honour of Daniel Jones
Le Maître Phonétique 122, 1964, 26-7
Download: Linguistics45
Review of D.L. Bolinger, Intonation and its parts
Times Literary Supplement, 29 August 1986, 949
Review of E. Benveniste, Indo-European language and society
The Tablet, September 1973
Download: Linguistics67
Review of F. Parker, Linguistics for non-linguists
Speech Therapy in Practice, March 1987, 22
Download: Linguistics30
Review of G. Colson, Voice production and speech
Prompt 3, 1963, 34-5
Download: Linguistics43
Review of G. Steiner, Extraterritorial
The Tablet, May 1972
Download: Stylistics12
Review of G. Steiner, Language and silence
The Tablet, 1967
Download: Linguistics74
Review of J. Aitchison, Words in the mind
English Today 14, 1988, 60-1
Download: Linguistics26
Review of J.A. van Ek, Four complementary structures of predication
Lingua 22, 1969, 400-7.
Download: Linguistics50
Review of J. Laver, Principles of phonetics
Child Language Teaching and Therapy12 (2), 1996, 255-6
Download: Linguistics19
Review of J.M. Valdes, Culture bound
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 3(3), 1987, 369
Review of J. Searle, Speech Acts
New Blackfriars, December 1970, 581-2
Download: Linguistics58
Review of J. Wallwork, Language and Linguistics
Journal of Linguistics 6, 1970, 307-8
Download: Linguistics56
Review of M. Agar, Language shock
Times Higher Education Supplement, 11 November 1994, 34
Download: Linguistics23
Review of M.A.K. Halliday, Intonation and English grammar
Language 45, 1969, 378-93
Download: Linguistics51
Review of M. Black, The labyrinth of language
New Blackfriars, August 1969, 613-14
Download: Linguistics52
Review of P. Lieberman, The speech of primates
Journal of Linguistics 10, 1974, 330-3
Review of P. Scofield, Quantifying language
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 12 (3), 1996, 377
Download: Linguistics18
Review of R. Harris, The language connection and R. Harris (ed.), The origin of language
Times Higher Education Supplement, 6 June 1997, 22
Download: Linguistics68
Review of R. Harris, The language myth
The Listener 2727, 17 September 1981, 311
Download: Linguistics69
Review of R. Posner, K. Robering & T. A. Sebeok (eds), Semiotik/Semiotics
Times Higher Education Supplement, 1998
Download: Linguistics15
Review of S. & C. Modgil, Noam Chomsky: consensus and controversy
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 3(3), 1987, 369
Review of Tore Janson, A Short History of Languages; Andrew Dalby, Language in Danger; John McWhorter, The Power of Babel
THES, 14 June 2002, 25
Download: Diversity1
Review of Umberto Eco, The search for the perfect language
Journal of Sociolinguistics 1 (1), 1997, 134-7
Download: Linguistics70
Review of W. Lehmann, A Reader in Nineteenth-Century Historical Indo-European Linguistics
Journal of Linguistics 6, 1970, 156-7
Download: Linguistics57
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