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In Kenneth L Rehg & Lyle Campbell (eds), The Oxford Handbook of Endangered Languages (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018), 885-94
A language revolution: from reluctance to renaissance
Conflation of papers given to British Council conference in Cardiff, 30 September 2001 (on its Web site), and EYL World Language Day in Strasbourg, 26 September 2001 [part rewritten for Chapter 4 of The Language Revolution, 2004]
Download: Langdeath8
Alle 14 Tage stirbt eine Sprache
Symposium über 'Explorations on Authentic Linguistics', University of Hamburg 22-4 February 2001, Im Wortlaut/Tagungen, 45-6
Download: Langdeath 33
A London Language Museum
Museum International, special issue on 'Languages, between heritage and development', 238, 2008, 80-87
Download: Langdeath21
As they say in Zanzibar
London: HarperCollins, 2006, 717 pp. 0 00 721202 X; US edition (Oxford) 978 0 19 537450 6
A world of languages - and language houses
In Michael Dürr, Doris Müller-Toovey & Michael Vogt (eds), Die Welt der Sprachen: Neue Vermittlungsformate für die Auseinandersetzung mit sprachlicher Vielfalt (Berlin: Zentral- und Landesbibliothek, 2015), 106-13
Download: Langdeath31
Back to the future
The Linguist, January 2011, 10-13
Download: Langdeath26
Come salvare le lingue a rischio
Madrelingua (September 2013), 1-2
Download: Langdeath30
Creating a world of languages
In FIPLV (International Federation of Language Teacher Associations), World News 61, December 2004, 22-35. (Contribution to Linguapax conference on Diversity, Sustainability and Peace, Barcelona, 20-23 May 2004)
Download: Langdeath5
Crossing the great divide: language endangerment and public awareness
Keynote speech to the International Expert Meeting on Endangered Languages, UNESCO, Paris, 10 March 2003
Download: Langdeath6
Death sentence
The Guardian G2, 25 October 1999, 2-3; adaptation of Prospect article by The Guardian; further adaptation by Spotlight (March 2000) 14-20
Download: Langdeath19
Diversity? We ain't seen nothin' yet
Paper to the Fédération Internationale des Professeurs de Langues Vivantes Conference: 'Diversity in Language Learning and Teaching', Göteborg, 16 June 2006
Download: Langdeath3
Geiriau proffwyd
Golwg 10 (38), 1998, 18-19
Download: Langdeath35
Is Welsh safe?
[talk prepared for Rhodri Williams, 1999, unpublished]
Download: Langdeath11
Jezyk je dryshtvenya konstryktsija: interview
Nin (Belgrade) 2750, 11 September 2003, 42-3
Download: Langdeath34
Language death
Cambridge: CUP, 2000, x+198 pp. 0 521 65321 5; Spanish translation, 2001, La muerte de las lenguas (Madrid: Cambridge University Press), 218 pp. 84 8323 134 4; Galician translation, 2003, A morte das linguas (Vigo: Editorial Galaxia), 261 pp. 84 8288 622 3; Serbian translation, 2003, Smrt jezika (Belgrade: eke XX Vek), 262 pp. 86 7562 023 3; Lithuanian translation, 2005, Kalbos myrtis (Vilnius: Tyto alba), 204 pp. 9986 16 446 X; Arabic translation 2006 (University of Tabuk);Turkish translation, 2007, Dillerin Katli (Istanbul: Profil Yayincilik), 230 pp.
Language death
Radio talk for Lingua Franca (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 1999); reproduced on e-mesh ltd web site, Nov 2000, and adapted for Quicksilver (Spring 2001), 74-6
Download: Langdeath12
Language diversity, endangerment, and public awareness
paper given to the British Academy in 2010, published in British Academy Review, 18, 2011, 12-20 [a revisiting of papers given between 2003 and 2007]
Download: Langdeath27
Lost for words
On Business, 2, 2010, 21-2
Download: Langdeath23
Review of Daniel Nettle & Suszanne Romaine, Vanishing Voices
THES, 9 February 2001
Download: Langdeath9
Review of Tore Janson, A Short History of Languages; Andrew Dalby, Language in Danger; John McWhorter, The Power of Babel
THES, 14 June 2002, 25
Download: Diversity1
Revitalizing languages
Language Magazine, October 2002, 18-20 [Adaptation of ABC talk]
Download: Langdeath7
Revitalizing the Celtic languages
Journal of Celtic Language Learning 11, 2006, 5-19. [Paper to the XI Annual Conference of the North American Association for Celtic Language Teachers, University of Wales, Bangor, 11 June 2005]
Download: Langdeath2
Shooting languages
Celtic Film and Television Festival. Summary written for The Western Mail, 2000
Download: Langdeath16
Speaking to the World about Speaking to the World
In Michael Kelly (ed), Languages after Brexit: how the UK speaks to the world (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018), 241-50
Download: Langdeath36
The death of a language
Languages Today (Association for Language Learning: special issue on Languages and Identity), Autumn 2013, 14-15
Download: Langdeath29
The death of language
Prospect, November 1999, 56-9
Download: Langdeath13
The future of language
three lectures with accompanying book (London: Routledge, 2009); 9780415484909.
The future starts here
Address on the occasion of the formal launch of The House of Languages, Barcelona, 11 July 2006
Download: Langdeath17
The language that took over the world
[not my title], The Guardian, 22 February 1997, 21. Reprinted in Spotlight (Germany), 7, 1997, 12-16 (+ cassette)
Download: English39
This man is worth £100,000 a year
[their title] High Life (British Airways), June 2000, 104-8
Download: Langdeath10
Towards a philosophy of language diversity
Paper given to conference on 'Dialogue of Cultures', Reykjavik, 14 April 2005
Download: Langdeath4
Towards a philosophy of language management
Keynote paper at the conference 'Integrating Content and Language in Higher Education', Maastricht, 28 June 2006; in Robert Wilkinson & Ver Zegers (eds), Researching Content and Language in Higher Education (Maastricht Language Centre, 2007), 19-31.
Download: Langdeath1
Vanishing languages
Civilization (Library of Congress), February-March 1997, 40-45; reprinted in Annual Editions: Geography, 1998-9, 212-16
Download: Langdeath28
What do we do with an International Year of Languages?
Paper given to the UNESCOCat forum, Barcelona, European Languages Day, 26 September 2007; reprinted in Bosnistika Plus 1 (2013), 121-33
Download: Langdeath20
What do we do with an International Year of Languages?
Letter to Language with editor's reply, Language, 84 (2), 2008, 215-17
Download: Langdeath22
Zukunft vieler Sprachen sieht düster aus
Klett ThemenDienst, Schule, Wissen, Bildung 6, April 2001, 7-10
Download: Langdeath 32