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2b or not 2b?
The Guardian, 5 July 2008
Download: 2b or not 2b
A glossary of Netspeak and Textspeak
Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2004, 197 pp. 0 7486 2119 9; paperback 0 7486 1982 8
A linguistic revolution
Newsletter, Scottish TESOL 21 (2), 2002, 5-8. (Adaptation of ABC radio talk, 2001). Another version: 'A linguistic revolution?' in Education, Communication and Information 1(2), 2001, 93-7
A linguistic revolution?
Concorde 9, 2003, 6-7. [updating of TESOL paper]
Download: Linguistics1
Bridges between technology and tradition
In Cristina Cheveresan (ed.), Dialoguri in era E-reader (Institutul European, 2012), 223-48; Romanian translation, 103-27
Download: Creative16
Foreword to 'SMS communication: a linguistic approach' (ed L-A Cougnon & C Fairon
Lingvisticae Investigationes 35 (2), 2012, 153-4
Download: Internet24
In defence of text messaging
Speak Up (Milano) 344, November 2013, 42-3 [transcription of audio recording]
Download: English155
Interlanguage on the Internet
The Hong Kong Linguist 19-20, 1999, 12-15. (Adaptation of 'Interpreting interlanguage', 1998.)
Download: Internet5
Internet language
In Louise Cummings (ed.), The Pragmatics Encyclopedia (London: Routledge, 2010), 234-6
Download: Internet17
Internet linguistics
London: Routledge, 2011, 179 pp. 9780415602686; (p/b) 9780415602716; Montenegrin translation, Dejvid Kristal Internetska Lingvistika (Podgorica, 2012), 205 pp. 9789940579227
Internet punctuation
'Ask a linguist', in Babel 15 (2016), 29
Download: Internet25
Interpreting interlanguage
e magazine: the A-level English magazine, 1, September 1998, 27-8
Download: Internet8
Johnson, the Dictionary, the Wiki, and the Web
BBC Radio 3 The Essay, September 2009
Download: Lexicography12
Johnson and the Internet
Hilda Hulme Memorial Lecture, University of London, 21 April 2005
Download: Lexicography2
Keypad shorthand
[original title: TXT, NE1?]. In e magazine 11, 2001, 26-7
Download: Internet5
Language and the Internet
Cambridge: CUP, 2001, ix+272 pp. 0 521 80212 1; Spanish translation, 2002, El lenguaje e Internet (Madrid: CUP), 304 pp. 84 8323 256 1; 2nd edition, 2006
Language and the Internet
(Cambridge: CUP, 2006), 2nd edn, ix + 316 pp. 0521868599
Languages on the Internet
Talk for Lingua Franca, March 2001, ABC
Download: Internet11
Languages on the Web
Guardian Weekly, 25 January 2001
Download: Internet6
'O brave new world, that has such corpora in it!' New trends and traditions on the Internet
plenary paper to ICAME 32, 'Trends and Traditions in English Corpus Linguistics', Oslo, June 2011
Download: Internet21
Oh what a tangled web we weave
Science and Spirit (November-December 2004), 34-5
Download: Internet3
On myths and mindsets
Lingua Montenegrina, God. V/2, Br.10, Podgorica 2012, 3-6
Download: Internet23
Research profile
Wolfson College Magazine 32, 2008, 40-41
Download: Internet14
Semantic targeting: past, present, and future
Aslib Proceedings, 62 (4/5), 2010, 355-65
Download: Internet18
ELT Journal 62 (1), 2008, 77-83
Download: Internet12
The changing nature of text: a linguistic perspective
in Wido van Peursen, Ernst D Thoutenhoofd and Adriaan van der Weel (eds), Text comparison and digital creativity (Leiden: Brill, 2010), 229-51
Download: Internet20
The joy of text
New Statesman, Supplement on 'Our Mobile Future', 15 September 2003, 16-17
Download: Internet4
The joy of txt
Spotlight, November 2008, 16-21
Download: Internet13
The scope of Internet linguistics
American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting, 18 February 2005; shortened version in The Western Mail, February
Download: Internet2
To surf or not to surf: that is the question
The Ben Bowen Thomas lecture (Arts Council of Wales), 21 November 1996; published in Network 1, December 1998, 3-10
Download: Internet9
Twenty-first century English
Keynote speech to IATEFL Annual Conference, March 2001
Download: Internet10
Txting: the gr8 db8
Oxford: OUP, 2008, ix + 239 pp. 9780199544905; (p/b) (2009) 9780199571338; Chinese translation (Taipei: Good Morning Press, 2010) 250 pp. 9789866613180
In Susan Tresman and Ann Cooke (eds),The dyslexia handbook (Reading: British Dyslexia Association, 2006), 179-83 [expansion of New Statesman 2003 article]
Download: Internet1
ur a gd mn mr gum;-)
The Zurich Magazine, Summer/Autumn 2010, 9
Download: Internet19
Who pays the piper calls the tune: changing linguistic goals in the service of industry. A case study
In D Prys and B Williams (eds), Global Understanding in Multilingual, Multimodal and Multimedia Contexts (GUM3C) (Bangor: Language Technologies Unit), Conference at Bangor University, 22-23 August 2008, 39-46
Download: Internet15
Word for word
New Media Age, 13 March 2008, 22-3
Download: Creative20