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The Mirrinth is here!

A day out at Great House turns out to be more than a boring tour round a stately home for Liss and Josh. A chance meeting with young Emily sends them into the Hall of Mirrors on a desperate search for a missing boy. Emily has lent Liss an amazing device to take with them, a device that Silas Enderson, owner of Great House, claims for his own family.
Bumbling Bob Holpweed is back. He's only days into his new job at Great House, after his adventures in The Memors, but he already has a feeling that something very strange is going on in the Hall of Mirrors. He's determined to investigate, and Silas Enderson is equally determined to stop him.
Can Liss and Josh find the lost boy and keep Emily's treasured possession out of Enderson's clutches? Will Holpweed be able to help them - or will he just get in the way, as usual?
Follow Liss and Josh into the Mirrinth, and find out.
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The Mirrinth - Hilary Crystal